All Destiny 2 Clan Members, don't forget to pick up the clan banner from Hawthorne at the farm.

Welcome to The Whirlpool Resistance

The Whirlpool Resistance is a community of Australian/New Zealander multi-platform gamers that was born out of the Whirlpool Broadband Choice Forums as a friendly Killzone 2 clan in 2009.

Today we are active in Destiny 2, Warframe, Elite Dangerous, Call of Duty and Battlefield along with many other games. We’re a very casual and fun community that welcomes anyone from Australia and New Zealand to join, so if you’re interested in meeting some new people to game and chat with, head over to the New Members Section of the forums for all the info you’ll need.

We also have a community of reasonably addicted PC gamers. You can find a lot of discussion about PC builds and PC gaming in the appropriate forums. Whilst not a hardcore overclocking community, you will find active discussions on custom builds, cooling, SLI and crossfire amongst other PC topics.

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